Heffernan House

Heffernan House

A centre to support young adults with learning disabilities is now open thanks to Greenham Trust and West Berkshire Mencap.

The Trust purchased the former residential nursing home adjacent to St John’s Church in Newbury and has refurbished it for West Berkshire Mencap, in an investment worth over £500,000, into good quality accommodation for seven vulnerable people .

The building is leased to West Berkshire Mencap, who manage the individual self-contained living units and shared common areas where tenants can spend time if they choose to.

Heffernan House

The project, called Heffernan House, provides a long-term home for six people with special needs and a training suite for one person with a mild learning disability for a period of two years. The training suite is then be let to another person with a mild learning disability for the next two years.

Each living quarters has a bedroom, en-suite shower room and a living room with some kitchen facilities. The remaining common areas of the building also form the base for West Berkshire Mencap’s Domiciliary Care Agency. It is expected that the service will be further developed to provide outreach support to other people with a learning disability in West Berkshire and the surrounding areas.

Heffernan House

Parents and carers who already use West Berkshire Mencap services are very excited about the project.

Harry McAuley was the first tenant to move into the new centre. His mother Maria said: “We are looking forward, as parents, to this facility being offered to our son. We hope this will be a flagship for West Berkshire Mencap, providing modern living accommodation for young adults with special needs in this very exciting new project.”

Local parent Gabrielle Rae added: “By designing the house to cater for a group of young people with special needs, West Berkshire Mencap will ensure that not only will they get the care that they require but also develop their independence and ensure they maximise their potential, living life to the fullest.”

Heffernan House

West Berkshire Mencap’s chief executive Leila Ferguson said: “Greenham Trust has enabled this to happen and the home will be a wonderful example of partnership working which will benefit people with learning disabilities in this area.”

Preference will be given to people who have been through West Berkshire Mencap’s Children’s Services because the young people already know each other and their needs are familiar to the service. However, this will not be exclusive as in-depth assessments will be carried out with other potential occupiers to ensure they fit in with existing occupiers and gain the most benefit.

For more information about Heffernan House please contact West Berkshire Mencap 01635 41464 or email info@westberkshiremencap.org

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